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Scott Solutions has over twenty years of experience in the IT industry, working specifically with clients in regulated environments. We offer a host of services that can position your business for success while satisfying any regulatory concerns you may have. Please click on any of the links below, or contact us for further details.

Network Security & Compliance

  • IT Policy and Procedure Consultation
    We can perform a thorough review of your IT Policy & Procedures, and analyze your environment to determine whether your processes are within compliance. We can also help in areas where regulations are forcing changes in how we approach network security, and create strategies to keep systems compliant without sacrificing performance.

  • Technology Risk Assessments
    In a regulated environment, technologies are not viewed by what they can do, but by the risk they introduce to an otherwise secure environment. We can help you to assess the risks of technologies that are currently in your environment, as well as new technologies you are considering to deploy, and provide strategies that will help to mitigate those risks.

  • Network Server Hardening
    In an age when data breaches and cybertheft have become dangerously prevalent, network security has never been more important than at the server level. Let us help you to put a lockbox around your servers and protect your most precious business asset: your customer data.

  • Penetration Testing and Port Scanning
    After all of the doors have been closed and the keys have been turned, it's important to know whether there are any leaks in the environment. We can look for openings and report our findings to you, and help to patch up any holes that are found.

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

  • Disaster Recovery Planning & Consultation
    We can review your IT Infrastructure and propose proven strategies to create a robust solution that minimizes your risk of catastrophic failure and fits your budget. Our goal is to get your business back on-line as quickly as possible at a price you can afford.

  • Off-Site Redundancy & Data Replication
    Capitalizing on Enterprise-class operating systems and extensions, or using thrid party appliances, we can create a fully replicated copy of your critical applications and data at your Disaster Recovery "Hot Site". Our turn-key solutions can have you up and running in a moment's notice when disaster strikes.

  • Centralized Backups & Off-Site Vaulting
    Even with today's technology, the need for file and database backups is still a must. There's simply no escaping it. We can minimize your management efforts by proposing centralized backup solutions that capture critical data on a daily basis and store it off-site for long-term archival. All content can be encrypted, from the time it is captured on the target to the place at rest within the archive.

  • Disaster Recovery Testing & Documentation
    A Disaster Recovery plan is only as good as its last test, and the instructions used to recover from the disaster. We understand this, which is why we can help you to perform thorough testing, using procedures developed during post-installation and maintenance phases of your solution, and produce the results and documentation necessary to prove a successful program. In this way, your procedural documentation is always kept up-to-date, and will satisfy any regulatory review.

Audit Readiness & Remediation

  • Policy & Procedure Documentation
    We are very familiar with the requirements businesses face in a regulated industry. We can work with you to ensure your policies and procedures are up-to-date, and represent all aspects of your business. Take advantage of our expertise in creating the documentation you need to satisfy your audit.readiness needs.

  • Technology Risk Assessments
    As part of the technology vetting process, risk assessments are a key component in understanding what the impact will be to your environment. Let us help you to assess your risk and propose controls to mitigate it before it becomes a problem for you.

  • Infrastructure Compliance Testing
    Having a set of policies and procedures is useless, unless your environment complies with what is written. We can perform tests against your infrastructure to demonstrate compliance, and propose solutions to remediate those areas that are outside of compliance, including updates to outdated documentation.

  • Audit Review & Response
    After your IT audit has been completed, we can help you to assess the findings in the report. Audits usually contain findings for real issues, but can also contain "false positives". We can show you where the real issues are and propose solutions to properly address them, and identify the false positives and and document them accordingly.

Network & Infrastructure Management

  • Resource Virtualization
    Virtualization has become the "Go-To" technology to expedite and economize the construction and deployment of servers and workstations, and now, even applications. We have in-depth experience with all of the major players: VMware™, Xen™, Hyper-V™, as well as application virtualization with Novell's ZENworks™. Ask us how we can help you with your virtualization needs, or if virtualization is right for you.

  • SAN, NAS & other Network Storage Solutions
    Storage Area Network, Network Attached Storage, the terms can be so confusing! We have the expertise to help you determine which solution is right for you, including "Highly Available" and "Second Tier" network storage solutions to maximize your data availability or reduce your overall on-line storage costs. Contact us for details.

  • High Availability Clustering & Private Cloud

    When maximizing your internal Data Center "uptime", High Availability clustering is a must! We can design a solution with the capability to fail over from one hardware resource to another in the event of an outage and keep your mission-critical applications up and running as much as possible.

    Private Clouds allow you to shift resources on the fly to reduce performance constraints, and keep your applications in-house, thus minimizing dependencies on Internet Service providers. We can work with you to construct a Brand-name solution or help you to go Open Source. Contact us for more details.

  • Monitoring and Analytics
    Understanding the utilization of your IT investments is critical to your IT budgeting needs. We can help you to evaluate how well utilized your IT resources are and put you on-track to balancing your workload and maximizing the return on your investment.

Environment Growth & Migration

  • New Branch Office Openings
    We can expand your IT environment in coordination with the growth of your business, as easily as adding a PC on your network.

  • Infrastructure Migration
    When it comes time to retire your outdated IT environment, we can review the latest technologies with you and recommend the best next-generation infrastructure platform that fits your business needs.

  • IT Mergers and Acquisitions
    We can help you to combine your IT environment to a newly acquired, dissimilar one, or outplace both in favor of your next-generation infrastructure.

  • Data Center Evaluation and Migration
    There may come a time when your current Data Center is no longer fulfilling your business needs. Let us help you to evaluate your options and find a Data Center that is right for you.

Legacy Environment Support

  • Legacy Network Operating Systems
    Your business offerings may require you to continue to support network operating systems that have been retired by their vendors. In our twenty years of experience, we've accumulated in-depth familiarity with network operating systems that have come and gone. If you have an older NetWare™ or Windows™ 2003 system that you need help with, give us a call.

  • Legacy Applications & Desktops
    Sometimes there isn't a good replacement to a working application that keeps your customers happy. It becomes critical to support that application, and the system that hosts it, until the right solution comes along. We can help you with maintaining that older application, and source parts that may be necessary to keep it up and running until you can find the proper replacement.

  • DOS-based Programs
    Many manual and automated commands are still in use today. We can help you with DOS-based programs and other command-line applications to keep your production systems running.

  • Non-IP Network Protocols
    Before TCPIP became the de facto business network protocol, network hosts used other protocols, such as IPX, to communicate with each other. If you have older systems still using such protocols, we can help you to maintain them until a proper replacement can be identified.

Managed Services:

Scott Solutions is now introducing Managed Services! We can act either as an extension of your IT department, freeing up your precious resources to work on other priorities or projects, or you can outsource the whole thing to us! From IT Help-Desk to end-to-end Infrastructure maintenance, we will take care of all your end-user concerns. And we will do it for an affordable, fixed monthly rate, taking the guess work out of your budget. For more information, please contact us and let us provide you a full list of services.

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